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Legacy ATM of Oregon

Open Nationwide and 7 days a week for over 10 years,Legacy ATM, Our Parent Company is the best choice for all of your ATM needs. 

Buy an ATM machine or setup a free ATM placement service in your busy Oregon Business today. 

ATM machine placements are our Specialty.


  • Are there any fees for ATM placement?
  • There are no fees. We provide the ATM and share the profits.
  • Who maintains, fills, and repairs the ATM machine?
  • Who is liable for any issues?
  • We assume all liability and cover the ATM with our insurance.
  • Who pays for the connection and electricity?
  • You, the location, must provide and maintain a dedicated or shared business dial-up telephone line or internet connection. As well as a 110V outlet. Any expenses for these utilities are paid for by the location. This would be the only expense you would incur.
  • How am I paid?
  • You are paid quarterly as the result of the number of surcharged transactions. If there were 1000 transactions in a quarter you would make $500 for the quarter.
  • Additional Benefits?
  • People spend more when they have cash. Giving them an option makes it that much easier for them to spend more.
  • If you choose to accept only cash and direct people to an ATM machine, you also decrease your need to pay credit card transaction fees.

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